700237 - Chobi-Ziegler 234x170cm

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Article number700237
Age21 Jahre
Length x Breadth234x170cm
Feature detailsRevoRug 0100101 Momeni Design Ziegler

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A cotton factory in Manchester Ziegler & Company has created and named the carpet itself. A German coworker of name Oskar Strauss has induced the firm owners in addition to produce trendy carpets in Iran. The Ziegler carpet, which comes predominantly today from Pakistan, is thus a modern arranged carpet for modern livestyle and at the same time for classical needs. The Design reflects beautiful ancient samples again. On the other hand also Designs, which admit ago from the Gabbe area, are attached up to very abstract samples. Carpets the antiquity sample daarstellen are called also Chobi. " Chub" from the farsi language which means wood, explains why only most diverse wood tones you will find in the beautiful carpets. The spectrum of the tones, which are based on plant colors, reach here from white over red up to green and blue. The modern Ziegler represents any conceivable colors. Importantly for the original Ziegler is the handspoon wool which is made possible for the Abrash look. The knot-close amounts to between 90 - 250 thousand knots per square meter.

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