4307 - Moud 287x211cm

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Article number4307
Age38 Jahre
PatternClassically Medallion
Length x Breadth287x211cm
Feature detailsMoud

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Moud (Birdjand) to the east of Persia, on the border with Afghanistan and south of the Birdjand a small town Moud is located . If it is not produced purely with the allover design the classic Moud know in the Usually a round medallion in the Prayers Mahi ground up. If fine silk and knotted shares can be found and they are turquoise colored this may even can be spoken of better Moud-Ameni. Of modern times is also like the Field-Moud often produces silk, mostly in the border of the birds and deer. Relatively soft wool, some with silk, to cotton at a node density of approximately 250-450K Knt/sqm established. For the connoisseur: Old Moud betrayed by their red background.

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